Altitude Adjustment Supplement

Altitude sickness can wreck your adventure, but that's no reason to give up on the fun. With Zaca chewables, an altitude adjustment supplement, adjusting to altitude is as easy as taking a chewable vitamin. Our proprietary formula-made up of antioxidants, herbs and amino acids can make your next trip to the mountains feel a lot better.

This is not an altitude sickness medicine like Diamox, rather it's a natural altitude adjustment supplement free of dangerous side effects. Each tiny chewable contains 1100 mg of glutathione, glutamine, hovenia duclis and prickly pear -- to help you fight fatigue and improve your performance at high altitudes. Zaca is the best altitude adjustment supplement sold at Colorado ski resort towns such as Vail.

Why Pick Zaca As Your Altitude Adjustment Supplement?

  • Feel better faster
  • Chewables, easy-to-use altitude adjustment supplement form
  • Science backed ingredients
  • On-the-go packets to bring anywhere
  • Top Colorado resort altitude pick
  • Fast-absorbing chewables
  • Gmo free, gluten free, and sugar free
  • Tastes great to eat anytime
  • TSA-friendly to fly with
  • Over 1000 top-rated customer reviews

Studies shows that Zaca's ingredients help many of the issues of altitude adjustment, whether climbing, camping or skiing any mountain.

Here is the science on Zaca's 3 key herbs for altitude adjustment:

  • Glutathione

    In research conducted in India, scientists have shown that your body can lose 45% percent of its glutathione at high altitudes.¹ Leading to oxidative stress, glutathione supplementation helps the body fight free radicals, raise energy levels, increase immune function, and recycle other antioxidants like vitamin C and E.

    (Source 1) Effect of high altitude (7,620 m) exposure on glutathione

  • Glutamine

    Brazilian researchers found that glutamine supplementation could help decrease the worsening of mood and cognition resulting from high altitude hypoxia (low oxygen levels).² Glutamine supplementation may also help reduce dehydration related to dry-air breathing and increased respiration at high altitudes. 

    (Source 2) The Possible Importance of Glutamine Supplementation to Mood and Cognition in Hypoxia from High Altitude

  • Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

    In a Chinese study, researchers discovered that DHM enhanced physical performance in high-altitude conditions.³ Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is a flavonoid derived from Hovenia Dulcis Tree in Zaca's proprietary extraction process.

    (Source 3) Dihydromyricetin Improves Physical Performance under Simulated High Altitude

Take the guesswork out of altitude supplementation. Zaca provides an easy and convenient tool to help you adjust quickly and efficiently with its unique tri-ingredient blend of glutathione, glutamine and DHM in chewable tablets. Our chewable altitude adjustment supplement is the first to have all three major ingredients in the right amounts.

Taking Zaca on a regular basis can help you adjust to altitude changes, which makes traveling by air, vacationing in the mountains or dealing with high altitude sports easier. The pleasant taste and easy-to-carry packets make it convenient and easy to use for your high altitude adventures. Try our Zaca chewables today for your next trip!

Altitude Adjustment Supplement