Zaca Hydration Packets No Sugar

Hydration Packets No Sugar

If you're searching for hydration packets no sugar, Zaca has the solution. With a top reviewed product, Zaca's hydration packets no sugar are chewables that are great-tasting but without the harmful ingredients or sweeteners.

Hydration Packets No Sugar

With our Zaca hydration packets no sugar, you'll be well hydrated on the go! With low carbs and low calories per tablet (great for hydrated on keto), Zaca is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and snacks. No need to mix with water like other hydration packets, simply enjoy the refreshing great taste, made with the natural sweeteners of Xylitol and Stevia from plant extracts.

Zaca contains an advanced delivery system in a chewable tablet that allows your body to absorb more water faster than ever before. This chewable supplement for hydration is a great-tasting way to stay hydrated regardless of whether you're traveling, working out or sitting at your desk after a night of drinks. They provide hydration benefits without the sugar crash that other sports drinks can cause and the health consequences of too much sugar.

Powered by Glutamine 

Zaca chewables are uniquely powdered with a dipeptide form of Glutamine scientifically called L-Alanine-L-Glutamine, known as the best L Glutamine.

This powerful amino acid helps improve fluid and electrolyte absorption, enhance physical performance, cognitive improvement, speedier recovery, and even immune system function support.³ 

On top of Glutamine, the synergistic formula includes Glutathione, for immune function and antioxidant boost, Prickly Pear for its vast vitamin and mineral content, and Japanese Raisin for superior liver detox. Take this hydration packets no sugar formula on-the-go whenever you need hydration the most which is loaded with added benefits.

Does Sugar Help Hydration?

The World Health Organization (WHO) adopted the oral rehydration solution (ORS) back in 1978.⁴ It was based on a study showing high efficacy in children with diarrhea. In fact, for children under five years old, diarrhoeal disease is the second leading cause of death worldwide.

The oral rehydration solution (ORS) was originally made up of three basic ingredients, water, salt and sugar (or fructose).⁵ Decades later companies have promoted this recipe, with many alterations, as the holy grail of hydration. But is it?

In our research sugar or specifically fructose can be essential only if the body is struggling from extreme dehydration like playing football on hot sunny field for 4 hours, hence the invention of Gatorade drink at the University of Florida. Although in extreme instances like athletic performance and exhaustion, sugar can be helpful, but for the majority of situations too much sugar is bad.

We forget that the main driver of sugar being used for hydration all came from the study done on extremely dehydrated, diarrhoeal diseased and starving children. This is a completely different condition than your average person looking for daily hydration going on a trip, doing a workout, or wanting some after-drink recovery.

Why Sugar Is Bad For you

While sugar can be a substancial source of energy in the body, too much of it is bad. Sugar has no nutritional value for the body, empty calories, and it is not needed or vital for good health. 

Eating too much sugar over time can increase the risk of weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. This is because sugar raises your blood glucose levels which can lead to high blood pressure and chronic inflammation within the body.¹ Sugar can also lead to tooth decay if you eat too much of it. The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and produce acid which can damage your teeth.

Another problem in today's diet is that most of the processed or packaged foods we eat have added sugar. It's estimated adults Americans intake 152 pounds of sugar in as little as one year, yet recommended to only eat up to 29 pounds.² For kids this an even worse problem growing due to all the sugary drinks, products and snacks consumed.

Stay Hydrated With Zaca's No Sugar Packets

chewable hydration tablets
Zaca's chewable hydration is the first hydration product of its kind formulated in easy-to-take chewables to take on-the-go. Delicious berry flavored and sugar free, Zaca will increase your hydration, water absorption and electrolyte intake in a small chewable.

Zaca chewable hydration tablets are tiny and easy-to-use, great for people who don't like taking pills, have trouble swallowing, or frustrated with mixing powders. Packaged in convenient, portable packets, you can take Zaca anywhere to maintain optimum hydration levels with vital nutrition. Some call them cycling hydration tablets or chewable electrolytes, Zaca is a fast solution for travelers, competitive athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone else with an active lifestyle.

Try Zaca chewable tablets today and for the best hydration packets with no sugar!







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