6 Best Supplements For Jet Lag

Best Supplements For Jet Lag

If you're traveling across multiple time zones or have a long flight and want to minimize jet lag, these supplements can be a huge help. As a company that manufactures supplements, we'll review the six best supplements for jet lag including our own.

What Causes Jet Lag?

Jet lag is a condition that affects people when they cross time zones, and can be serious for people who travel by air. It happens when the body's biological clock is out of sync with the new time zone, which causes confusion and exhaustion.¹

However, the missing link in most literature is that there's evidence that points to jet lag being related to high altitude exposure as well. In fact, as you can see below, jet lag symptoms can be very similar to altitude sickness.

Jet lag symptoms may cause:¹

  • fatigue and exhaustion
  • drowsiness
  • insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • irritability
  • headaches
  • concentration problems

Read further to know how altitude may contribute to jet lag.

Altitude Sickness May Contribute To Jet Lag

Can you get altitude sickness in a plane? Yes.

Altitude sickness most commonly begins around 8,000 feet in altitude. While airplane cabins are pressurized, it's still usually comparable to oxygen levels around 5,000 to 9,000 feet.²

Therefore, altitude sickness can be a major factor in jet lag, and not just time zones.² This makes sense when you look at how altitude sickness symptoms are so similar to jet lag --- including fatigue, headaches, and sleeping disturbance.

The Truth About Melatonin

While melatonin is shown to be effective for jet lag when crossing more than four times zones, but it does not address all of the causes of jet lag.³

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps the body stay in sync with the day and night cycles. It regulates your body's sleep-wake cycle, known as circadian rhythm.

The truth is that melatonin only works for multiple time zone travel, and sleeping issues. It does not work for other airplane travel issues related to high altitude and dehydration.

When looking for the best supplements for jet lag, be aware that melatonin can be good for traveling overseas but is limited in helping with many other airplane travel issues and jet lag on smaller trips.

Another negative with melatonin is the side effects that may include headache, dizziness, nausea and drowsiness⁴ --- and it is not recommended to take melatonin for long durations.

6 Best Supplements For Jet Lag

If you want to avoid jet lag, you'll want to take the best supplement for jet lag.

As a supplement manufacturer since 2008, we'll reveal the best supplements for jet lag based on our years of research. Including everything from chewables to jet lag patches.

Here's the 6 best supplements for jet lag:

1. Zaca Chewables

Don't suffer through a long flight, Zaca chewables are a fast and easy way to take the edge off your lag. Taking the Zaca supplement doesn't just make your trips much more enjoyable, but also helps you arrive at your destination refreshed, and ready for whatever is next.

Formulated with ingredients that are shown to help with high altitudes and hydration, this includes powerful nutrients such as glutathione and glutamine.

In fact, Glutathione alone was shown in research to be depleted up to 45% in high altitudes, just like flying in an airplane. Other nutrients such as Japanese Raisin and Glutamine will help you rehydrate, replenish and recover faster.

These chewables are packaged in travel-friendly packets that you can take on-the-go, bring in your luggage, and won't have any issues with TSA.

No matter if a short flight or a long overseas trip like to Europe, Zaca is a perfect travel companion to take allowing you to make the most of your trip. And with none of the potential side effects that come from melatonin.

For best use, take 2 Zaca chewables every few hours during your flight, then 2 chewables every day during your trip after arrival.

2. No Jet Lag Tablets

Outside of Zaca, No Jet Lag might be one of the other most unique formulas on the market. The No Jet Lag formula is another natural, plant-based supplement that helps you with jet lag when traveling.

With 5 main ingredients such as Arnica Montana and Chamomilla, No Jet Lag tablets claim is to help alleviate body stress and fatigue due to disruptions in the body’s natural clock rhythm.

No Jet Lag is made in blister packs out of New Zealand by a company called Miers Laboratories.

To take No Jet Lag tablets, simply chew one every 2 hours during flight, including an extra one before and after landing.

3. Doctor's Best Melatonin

Doctor's Best is a simple, melatonin-only tablet that aids in sleep.

As melatonin can improve some jet lag signs, Doctor's Best Melatonin helps restore regular sleep cycles and enhances overall sleep.

While helping to get your sleep cycles back on track, avoid taking Doctor's Best Melatonin over long durations.

Each tablet contains 5mg of melatonin, which is recommended amount per each night taken. Directions are to take 1 tablet at bedtime.

4. 1Above Anti Jet Lag Effervescent Drink Tablets

If a drink is your preferred choice, 1Above effervescent drink tablets may be for you.

1Above Jet Lag is a safe, effective and natural drink to aid travel. It contains pycnogenol, vitamins, and electrolytes to replenish your body. It is emphasized to boost and support your energy levels.

The effervescent tablet dissolves in water like any effervescent drink and comes in two different flavors including berry and citrus.

For best results, during flight take 1 effervescent tablet every 2-3 hours.

5. Flight Armour Jet Lag Pills

Flight Armour Jet Lag Pills are meant not only to hep jet lag but to support immunity.⁸

The key ingredients include Pine Bark Extract, which has been tested to reduce jet lag length and help blood flow. Other nutrients include antioxidants, minerals, probiotics and plant extracts that offers support to flying.

Suggested dosage of Flight Armour is to take 4 capsules every six hours during flight, and 4 capsules before and after flight.

3. Jet Lag Patch

Klova makes this jet lag patch that's designed for restful sleep and to help jet lag.

This jet lag patch is formulated with Melatonin, GABA, and 
Theanine. While  Melatonin can help with sleep, be aware of the potential side effects we discussed above.

To use Kova's jet lag patch, simply peel off the patch and stick it on your arm before going to sleep. Keep the jet lag patch on through the night.

This concludes our list of the best supplements for jet lag based on years of research. Now you can feel comfortable to buy the best jet lag supplement for your next trip!

Our Top Choice For Travel Supplements

Jet Lag Supplement
Zaca chewables are a top choice for travel. With its many benefits, it helps you rehydrate, replenish and recovery faster. Formulated without melatonin, you can take these chewables on-the-go as much as you want and whenever you need travel recovery most. They rise above the rest by being TSA-friendly, individually packaged packets, great-tasting, sugar-free, gmo-free, and proven to be used by thousands of travel-going customers. Try Zaca chewables today and feel your best on your next trip.



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