Korean Anti Hangover Pills and Why They Work

Korean Anti Hangover Pills

Taking more than a few alcoholic drinks with your friends can be a lot of fun. However, after too much social drinking it's not so much fun as you get hangover symptoms like vomiting, nauseousness and headaches.

Nevertheless, there is hangover relief available. If you are seeking for the best anti hangover pills that work, you should think about buying Korean anti hangover pills. There's an ingredient used to prevent hangovers in Korean culture and Korean traditional medicine for hundreds of years -- hovenia dulcis.

So what’s the secret to hovenia dulcis in Korean hangover pills for curing a hangover? Below we'll explore Korean anti hangover pills, the science behind why they work, and when to take them.

What's In Korean Anti Hangover Pills That Make Them Work?

What's they key to making Korean anti hangover pills work? Hovenia Dulcis. There's many vitamins to prevent hangover, but the hovenia dulcis herb tops them all.

The hovenia dulcis is a plant that looks like a grape vine grown throughout South Korea and eastern Asia. The fruits of this plant can be eaten, and the seeds can also be eaten.

The hovenia dulcis extract has been used for centuries in Korea for its medicinal properties, especially for treating hangovers. The seeds of the hovenia dulcis have been used in traditional Korean medicine for their anti-hangover properties. It has been shown to help with liver function and detoxification of the liver.


What's The Benefits Of Korean Anti Hangover Pills?

Korean anti hangover pills made with hovenia dulcis are an all natural supplement that helps you recover from a hangover by helping your body and liver to process the alcohol faster.

This product works by reducing the amount of acetaldehyde in your system. Acetaldehyde is a chemical which is produced as a byproduct of alcohol metabolism in your body, which can be up to 30 times more toxic than alcohol. It is this chemical which can cause many of the symptoms associated with a hangover such as nausea, headaches, asian flush or asian glow, fatigue, and even helps with hangover anxiety relief.

Traditional uses and benefits of hovenia dulcis in Korean anti hangover pills include:

  • Protects liver
  • Alleviate hangovers from alcohol
  • Dispels the negative effects of alcohol
  • Detoxification from alcohol¹
  • May reduce alcohol circulating²
  • Anti-fatigue properties³
  • Anti-inflammatory effects

The ingredient Hovenia Dulcis is the key to the Korean anti hangover pills, and not only is an anti hangover ingredient but makes an excellent liver support supplement.

What's The Science Behind Hovenia Dulcis In Korean Anti Hangover Pills

Hovenia Dulcis is an extract from the tree of the same name and has been used in Asia as a traditional medicine historically for a long time. 

In 659, the herb hovenia dulcis is included in a list of anti-hangover herbal medicines in China's first pharmacopoeia, the Tang Materia Medica. Hence, being the most effective and popular ingredient in Korean anti hangover pills.

More recently, studies have been performed to find more science on its hangover preventing properties due to the main active ingredient in Hovenia Dulcis, DHM (dihydromyricetin).

Here's how the science shows Hovenia Dulcis to be anti hangover:

  • DHM in hovenia dulcis helps the liver produce more ethanol-eating enzymes, including alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), which contributes to a hangover.⁶

  • DHM helps to reduce the release of cytokines in the liver, which are inflammatory agents as the result of alcohol consumption.

  • In one study, significant declines in hangover symptom scores were observed in the group that took hovenia dulcis extract.⁵

  • A study noted that hovenia dulcis is used as a popular herbal medicines and dietary supplements in Asian countries because of its liver protection and alcohol detoxification functions.⁷

  • Jing Liang's research at the USC School of Pharmacy suggests that DHM can promote liver health because it has multiple benefits for liver protection to counteract the damage caused by alcohol.⁸

With many studies published on DHM and Hovenia combined, it's clear to show it's antioxidant properties to protect the liver, prevent free radical damage, help with inflammation due to drinking alcohol, and ultimately help prevent a hangover with so many anti hangover benefits.

When Do You Take Korean Anti Hangover Pills?

The best time to take Korean anti hangover pills with hovenia dulcis is either before you start drinking or before you go to bed.

Hovenia dulcis can come in not only pill form, but as a powder or chewable. Most people will take one to two pills or chewables before they start drinking, and then another few after drinks. Drinking lots of water between cocktails will also help.

You can buy Korean anti hangover pills online from Amazon.com, or at the manufacturer's website.

Final Thoughts

The Korean hangover cure is hovenia dulcis extract, which is used in Korean Anti hangover pills. Hovenia dulcis is the ultimate hangover prevention formula with proven science to help your body relieve hangovers and detox the after effects of alcohol in your system.

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