The Best Immune Booster For Travel & 7 Tips

Best Immune Booster For Travel

Traveling is an amazing experience, but it also exposes you to new environments and stresses on the body which can weaken your immune system. As a health company, in this guide we'll discuss the best immune booster for travel and 6 tips that will help you stay healthy during your travels.

Traveling and Your Immune System

Why is your immune system important for travel? Your immune system is your body's natural defense mechanism against infections and stresses on the body. When traveling, your body is exposed to new environments and germs that your immune system may not be familiar with. As a result, your immune system may weaken.

Therefore, it's essential to keep your immune system strong when traveling to prevent any potential health issues and maximize your experience to ensure you feel good.

Best Immune Booster For Travel

Zaca is a natural and effective immune supplement that's made from a blend of superfoods, herbs, and amino acids. As a chewable, it's designed to provide a range of health benefits, including increased cellular energy (not caffeinated), increased hydration, speedier recovery and enhanced immunity.

If you're looking for the best immune-boosting supplements, Zaca can help you stay healthy and strong against immune system stresses while traveling.

The Science Behind Zaca: How It Boosts Immunity

Zaca contains a range of ingredients that have been scientifically proven to support the immune system. These include:

  • Glutathione: a master antioxidant, is shown to increase activity of natural killer cells and regenerate immune boosting vitamins in the body including vitamin C and E.¹
  • Prickly Pear: a nutrient and antioxidant rich cactus fruit with strong properties and vitamin C that can strengthen the body's immune system.²
  • Glutamine: a powerful amino acid that has been called “fuel for the immune system³."
  • Japanese Raisin: a superfood that's abundant in compounds such as alkaloids and flavonoids, and related to supporting the immune system.

Together, these ingredients work synergistically to boost the immune system and strengthen the body for the physiological stresses of traveling. In addition to the convenience and ease of use with Zaca's chewables, it's one of the best supplements for travel.

Zaca vs. Other Immune Boosters

There are many immune boosters on the market, but Zaca stands out for several reasons. First, it's made from natural ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives or additives. Second, it's effective and has science-back immune supporting ingredients. Finally, it's convenient and easy to take on the go.

  • Natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives
  • Immune supporting blend of herbs and antioxidants
  • Packets that are convenient and easy to take on the go
  • No synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid that other supplements use)
  • Fast-acting chewable delivery

For these reasons, Zaca stands out as a better option compared to other immune boosters.

What Vitamins Should You Take Before Travel?

Vitamin C consistently ranks as one of the top travel vitamins you should take before and during your trip.

Vitamin C helps immune defense by supporting numerous cellular functions related to the immune system and can protect against oxidative stress from the environment.⁵ With its strength, vitamin C has become popular for so many usages including travel and sickness to hangovers and exercise.

Immune-boosting Vitamin C benefits:

  • Fights free radicals as an antioxidant.⁶
  • Essential for repairing and growing cells in the body. ⁶
  • Supports the innate and adaptive immune system.⁵
  • Aids the epithelial barrier function against pathogens.⁵
  • Protecting against oxidative stress from environment.⁵

TIP: If you're going to take vitamin C to boost your immune system for travel, beware of products such as Emergen-C that contains ascorbic acid instead of natural vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is a synthetic vitamin missing key bioflavonoids, often made from gmo corn syrup, and could have a negative effect on your gut.⁷ Our Zaca chewables contain naturally occurring vitamin C from prickly pear and with the regenerative abilities of glutathione.

7 Tips To Boost Your Immune System For Travel

Traveling can be fun and exciting, but it can also take a big toll on your immune system.

Being in new environments, surrounded by different people and germs, being exposed to different foods and water, increased oxidative stress while flying, and dehydrating can all increase your risk of getting sick.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to boost your immune system and stay healthy while traveling. Here are seven tips to help you stay healthy on your next trip:

1. Get Enough Sleep

One of the best things you can do for your immune system is to get enough sleep. When you're sleep deprived, your body's ability to fight off infections and viruses is compromised.

Aim for at least seven hours of sleep per night, and try to stick to a consistent sleep schedule, even when you're traveling. Also take precautions for jet lag if you have long duration flights too. An easy step you can take to maximize your sleep is getting natural sunlight during the day, which can increase melatonin product to help your sleep quality.

2. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is another important factor in keeping your immune system strong. Airplane travel, high altitudes, and high activity levels can lead to increased fluid loss.

When you're dehydrated, your body is more susceptible to issues. Drink at least half your body weight in water each day.

TIP: To enhance your hydration, add sea salt (electrolytes) to your food and drink. And take Zaca hydration chewables to assist in water absorption.

3. Limit Alcohol

Heavy amounts of alcohol can weaken your immune system. Alcohol is known to make it easier to get sick, reduces your good gut bacteria, and can lower antibodies that help fight.⁸

While cut off drinking might be hard if traveling for vacation, at least give your body a day or two with little to no alcohol. Once you know you're feeling good and have no jet lag from flying, it'll be safer to have a few drinks.

4. Exercise Regularly

Exercise can promote the presence of immune cells throughout the body. According to Dr. Afaneh, “If people are looking for a magic pill, it’s exercise. It supports your immune system.”[¹⁰]

Light exercise is best, where too long or too hard of an exercise can cause bad stress on the body. In addition, after sedentary airplane travel, exercise can also help energy levels and increase blood flow.

5. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been shown to help your body facilitates the removal of waste know as autophagy, which is a key process within your body. With these processes facilitated your body can be more efficient and conserve energy, which leads to a stronger immune system.¹¹

It takes on average 4-6 hours to digest and metabolize food, so it's commonly recommended in intermittent fasting to not eat for 12-18 hours.

6. Avoid Stress

Stress can weaken your immune system, making your body more susceptible to problems when traveling. Try to avoid stress as much as possible — including rest, breathing techniques, meditation, and even workouts and quality sleep will help.

7. Take Immune-Boosting Supplements

Last but not least as we mentioned before, taking immune-boosting travel supplements is highly effective to help keep your immune system stay strong. Look for supplements that contain ingredients like vitamin C and antioxidants, which have been shown to boost immunity.

Zaca is not only popular for being a best immune booster for travel, it's a travel sized vitamin with compact and convenient packaging that is easy to take on-the-go.

In summary, in addition to the best immune booster for travel, follow this top tips to boost your immune system — which includes getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, limiting alcohol, exercising regularly, intermittent fasting, and avoiding stress.

Top-Rated Travel Supplement For Immune Boost

Travel Supplement
As an all-in-one travel supplement, Zaca can help keep you healthy, hydrated and quickly recovered when on-the-go. The chewables are packed with essential vitamins, herbs, and antioxidants that are crucial for maintaining a healthy immune system and combating oxidative stress. Glutathione alone helps regenerate vitamin C within the body. Perfect for travelers and adventurers — simply take 2-4 chewables per each day of traveling or as needed. Try Zaca chewable supplement today and fuel your travels.








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