9 Travel Essentials For Long Flights To Survive Jet Lag

Travel Essentials For Long Flights

Long flights can be exhausting, especially when it comes to dealing with jet lag. However, with the right travel essentials, you can make your journey more comfortable. As a company in the travel industry, we'll share nine travel essentials for long flights that'll help you survive jet lag.

Travel Essentials For Long Flights

Certain travel essentials for long flights are important, but even more so if you're trying to beat jet lag. In our experience, these are these travel essentials to survive jet lag are rarely mentioned in other articles, yet are utmost important when on a long haul flight.

From natural (homeopathic) essentials to items for aiding sleep, we've got you covered on what to pack for your next long flight and help you survive jet lag better!

What Causes Jet Lag On Long Flights?

Jet lag is a common phenomenon experienced by long-haul travelers who cross multiple time zones during long flights. It occurs when your internal body clock, also known as circadian rhythm, becomes disrupted — causing symptoms like headaches, insomnia, fatigue, less mental clarity, and stomach issues.

But jet lag can also be contributed by other numerous other factors including lower oxygen levels in airplanes, dry airplane air leading to dehydration, reduced exposure to natural sunlight, and being sedentary with lack of movement.

Long Flight Jet Lag Causes:

  • Time zones disrupting circadian rhythm

  • Lower oxygen levels in airplanes (like altitude sickness)

  • Dry airplane air leading to dehydration

  • Reduced exposure to natural sunlight

  • Being sedentary with lack of movement

The combination of these effects take a toll on the body. The good news is that there's long flight travel essentials that can help!

9 Travel Essentials For Long Flights To Survive Jet Lag

When embarking on a long flight, it's important to be prepared and equip yourself with the necessary tools to make the journey as smooth as possible as you fight jet lag.

From choosing the right travel neck pillow to packing vitamin D and glutathione supplements, there are several travel essentials that can help you relax, sleep, and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.

As a company with a travel supplement, we'll share the best essentials in our opinion based on years of research on jet lag.

Here's 9 Travel Essentials For Long Flights To Survive Jet Lag:

1. Neck Travel Pillow

Sleeping on the plane when it's nighttime at your destination time zone can assist in jet lag.

While sleeping on a plane can be hard for some, a neck travel pillow provides comfort and support for your head and neck during the flight, allowing you to relax and get a much better of quality sleep.

2. Glutathione Supplement

Due to the air pressure in an airplane, lower oxygen levels are present causing oxidative stress on your body. And it even has been compared to having the likeness of altitude sickness.³

Glutathione, considered the body's master antioxidant, has been known to help fight off free radical damage from oxidative stress. Taking glutathione (may be called jet lag pills) can not only enhance your body's antioxidant defenses but also strengthen your immune system.

TIP: To replenish your antioxidants, take Zaca chewables which are loaded with pure glutathione.

3. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Airplanes are shown to have dry, cool, recirculated air that causes a risk of dehydration.⁴ Staying hydrated is key.

A stainless steel or reusable water bottle is a must-have travel essential for long flights. Fill it up before the flight, and what's convenient is most airports now have clean, filtered water fountains you can use for free.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

As mentioned, sleep is very important while flying if it's nighttime at your destination. Mimicking that time zone will help you better survive jet lag.

With noise-canceling headphones, you'll be able to better tune out other passengers and the sound of the airplane engine. Having trouble sleeping or napping, just throw in your noise-canceling headphones and your distractions go away!

5. Eye Mask

An eye mask is another travel essential for long flights that can help your sleep quality. Even if it's dark, blue lights will be very prevalent on the plane from peoples phones, tablets, and other devices.

An eye mask will help you get a close to complete darkness as possible, which is key for your circadian rhythm sleeping cycles.

6. Travel Blanket

Another travel essential for long flights to help sleep is a blanket. Planes often get cold, which is great for sleep but only if have a blanket to keep your body warm.

Bring a travel blanket that's thin and easy to pack, but will add that extra warmth for napping and sleeping.

7. Instant Coffee

Surprising to most, fasting has been shown to help reset your circadian rhythms, which could aid in jet lag.⁵ It's good to fast as much as possible while on long-duration flights.

That being said, black coffee is a great beverage along with water to drink on the airplane, which won't break a fast. Also, if it's nighttime on the plane but daytime at your destination, you'll want to stay awake on the plane during those hours. Coffee can be a good boost to keep you awake and help align your sleeping schedule to your destination city.

TIP: Yes, the airplane usually serves coffee, but it's not always the best tasting which is why we recommend your favorite instant coffee.

8. Low-Carb, Sugar-Free Gum

As mentioned, fasting can be great for fighting the change in time zones.

If you struggle with fasting, chewing gum can help curb some cravings to eat. This the chewing motion can help some as eating can be a habit. Stick with low-carb, sugar-free gum which won't break the fast.

9. Vitamin D Supplement

Sunlights helps regulate melatonin production and your internal body clock. But when on a long duration flight, the limited natural sunlight exposure can be problematic and depriving to your body.

As a key travel essential for long flights, consider taking a vitamin D supplement to ensure you maintain adequate levels of this essential nutrient, which plays a role in regulating sleep and mood.

In summary, by including these travel essentials for long flights in your carry-on bag, to survive long-haul travel combat the effects of jet lag. These travel essentials include a neck travel pillow, glutathione supplements, a stainless steel water bottle, noise-canceling headphones, eye-mask, travel blanket, instant coffee, low-card & sugar-free gum, and a vitamin D supplement. Safe travels!

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