Bachelorette Hangover Kit Ideas: Plus 18 Items To Include

Bachelorette Hangover Kit Ideas

Need bachelorette hangover kit ideas? Are you planning on hosting or attending a bachelorette party? Or maybe you're just looking for ideas on putting a fun bachelorette hangover kit together for yourself.

Whatever the case, it's a lot of fun. Half the challenge of the night is showing up with a big bag of fun supplies and well thought out gifts. We've done the research, we're going to share our favorite bachelorette hangover kit ideas plus 18 items ideas to include in your bachelorette hangover kit!


Bachelorette Hangover Kit Ideas

Need some bachelorette hangover kit gift ideas and don't know what to put in a bachelorette party hangover kit? You've come to the right place!

Everyone knows that the bachelorette party involves one or two (or three) too many drinks. That might be why so many brides look for a way to ease the symptoms of a hangover, especially if there is a brunch or party after the hoedown. If you're shopping for your gal pal's kit, you want something that will help her to feel better the day after her big night.

Here's our list of the best bachelorette hangover kit ideas:

Fully Assembled Bachelorette Survival Kit

Bachelorette Survival Kit

These cute bachelorette survival kit bags will turn heads! Customized to your liking -- where the bachelorette party is and the bachelorette's name. You can order them without items to build your own bachelorette survival kit or add in the items they offer: 

  • mouthwash
  • Advil/Tylenol packets
  • anti-acid packets
  • chapstick
  • shout wipes
  • ribbon hair tie
  • makeup wipes
  • mint gum
  • facewash bar
  • electrolyte powder

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DIY Bachelorette Survival Kit - Oh Shit Kit

DIY Bachelorette Survival Kit

These are not only cute, they are perfect if you want to a build-your-own diy bachelorette survival kit. Oh Shit Kits are made from muslin bags in a variety of sizes 4"x6", 5"x7 , or 6"x9", and professionally screen inked. You decide what items to put in these bags, so perfect if you want to be more thoughtful and creative for your bachelorette party survival kit.

Look further in this article to find more items as bachelorette hangover kit ideas.

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Bachelorette Hangover Kit Ideas - Bachelorette Hangover Kit

Bachelorette Hangover Kit Ideas

These are the perfect little bundle for your bachelorette party!  These are one of the more unique bachelorette hangover kit ideas, a bachelorette hangover kit that comes in a clear bag. No guessing, the bachelorette crew will get excited to see all the fun items in the bag. The bags are holographic and resealable.  You can purchase these either as the bag design alone, or with items as a hangover recovery kit such as:

  • advil packets
  • neutrogena makeup remover
  • welly bandaid
  • electrolyte packet 
  • burts bees chapstick,
  • tic tacs

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Bachelorette Hangover Kit Ideas - Survival Kit Box

 Bachelorette Hangover Kit Ideas

One word -- fancy! These survival kit boxes are not only adorable looking, they can fit a lot of goodies. These are one of the best bachelorette hangover kit ideas, a bachelorette survival kit in a box. These come with personalized labels of your preference, pre-cut ribbons in customized colors, multiple color options for your box, and ready to fill with all your essentials for your bachelorette party weekend!

These are a diy bachelorette survival kit, they do not come with any items. Suggestion: Add our Zaca hydration + liver aid chewables.


18 Bachelorette Hangover Kit Ideas: Items To Include

If you need more hangover kit ideas for bachelorette party, these ideas will help you with what to put in your bachelorette hangover kits! If you're going to build your own bachelorette hangover kit, simply want more hangover kit ideas, or even if you want ideas for hangover kit wedding favors -- then this list is for you! 

1. Mints or Gum
Essential for the bachelorette party crew to go out, and also the next day after drinking when some people will need to refresh their breath.

2. Water Bottles 
Drinking plenty of water is essential and may help reduce of chances of hangovers for the bachelorette party if they drink throughout the day and before bed.

3. Hydration Packets 
Your body will need some replenishment and rehydration to recover better! Zaca's hydration + liver aid packets might be your bachelorette's best friend.

4. Protein or Snack Bars 
The ladies will be hungry after a night out dancing! Also comes in handy when some people get hungry in between your planned meals and dinners.

5. Sleeping Mask
After the bachelorette party night out, you might be sleeping in late to recover and this is your perfect item.

6. Hand Sanitizer
This is a great item to have for cleaning up after being out on the town.

7. Bottle or Wine Opener
Not only comes in handy for beers or bottles of wine, these can be customized and engraved as a perfect bachelorette party gift.

8. Flip Flops
If you're going somewhere warm with a pool or beach, you'll not only need flip flops but it's fun when the bachelorette party is matching with the same kind or color flip flops!

9. Sunscreen
This pairs well with flips flops for warm bachelorette party destinations!

10. Bobby Pins
With a crew of girls, you might go through bobby pins like socks!

11. Pain Relievers
Have Advil or Tylenol for those that get the next-day hangover or headaches!

12. Lip Balm
Keep everyone's lips looking good and moist for all those pictures that'll be taking during the bachelorette weekend!

13. Fashion Tape
When getting dolled up, there's always someone that'll need some fashion tape assistance for their outfit.

14. Bandages or BandAids
Wearing heels can cause blisters, and you never know when an accident happens! Bandaides are a good precaution to take.

15. Mini Bottle of Vodka or Champagne
These are great way to toast and kickoff the bachelorette party as everyone opens their bachelorette hangover kit!

16. Pens
Never know when you need a pen! And they are great for bachelorette party games and just planning out activities during the bachelorette party. 

17. Nail Files
Nail files will be useful to prep before going out!

18. Bachelorette Shot Glasses
These are fun, and sometime you can even get them engraved as a long-lasting gift to the bachelorette party.

While you may not know what a bachelorette party throws at you, there's plenty of things to comfort and accommodate the bachelorettes. No matter where you go or what activities you do, it’s always good to be more prepared than not. Happy bachelorette-ing!

Bachelorette Hangover Kit Ideas Zaca Chewables
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