15 Essentials For A Bachelorette Oh Shit Kit

Bachelorette Oh Shit Kit

A bachelorette party is a once in a lifetime experience, whether you're the bride, a bridesmaid or one of the attending bachelorettes. It's an all-girl's weekend away where you get dressed up in crazy outfits, have crazy hair, and sometimes drink too much. 

To ensure the bachelorette party is pleasurable and avoid agony like hangovers, having a bachelorette oh shit kit for everyone is the best idea! To make your life easier, we've done all the research to provide you the top 15 bachelorette oh shit kit essential items so you'll have plenty of bachelorette hangover kit ideas.

15 Essentials For A Bachelorette Oh Shit Kit

You know that moment when you're at a bachelorette party and you realize you're missing something major? You're in Vegas, maybe, and need a mid-day touchup to complete your look. Or in Palm Springs and forgot your sunscreen. Or in Mexico and the bride-to-be had one too many tequilas. Yes, we've been there, too.

The last thing you want to do at a bachelorette lack a bachelorette party survival kit and have to stop the party so someone can run to a store for products. This is why you want to build the ultimate oh shit kit for the bachelorettes. It's a great way to ensure fun continues without any hiccups or annoyances (and also makes for a cute photo op!). It also serves as an easy ice breaker if you don't know everyone in the group — just ask who wants to open it up first!

Here are fifteen essentials you should keep handy:

1. Hydration Packets

If you've ever drank too much tequila, then you know the feeling of waking up with a killer headache + dehydration. Grab some hydration packets, these little packets are life savers! They're easy to carry around in your purse, taste great, and will add that hydration when you need it most during the bachelorette party. Maybe the most essential item on the list for the bachelorette oh shit kit!

2. Gum or Mints

You need these for so many reasons. Stinky breath? Bad breath from a night of drinking? Just want something fresh in your mouth after eating a meal? Gum/mints have got the bachelorette party covered!

3. Mini Vodka or Champagne

You're going to want something boozy with you at all times! This can be used for shots, drinks or the best idea, having a toast for the bride-to-be to kick off the bachelorette party weekend! Champagne is a safe bet, mini vodkas if you have a rowdy crew.

4. Band-Aids

With a crew of bachelorettes, you never know when someone will get hurt and it’s always good to have one on hand. They’re also great for blisters!

5. Hair ties

These are an absolute necessity for any bachelorette party oh shit kit. They're great for keeping your hair in place while dancing your heart out at the club or doing karaoke at the bar.

6. Tissues

It's always good to have tissues on hand to wipe away any tears from sharing memories, or smudged makeup during your bachelorette party. It might not seem like much but tissues are truly essential for any bachelorette party. They are also great for cleaning up spills and keeping your nose from running. You never know when you might need one!

7. Tampons

The bride-to-be or one of the bachelorettes may not expect her period to start right on her special night, but if so she'll be glad you prepared for it. Have a tampon on hand in your bachelorette oh shit kit, just in case.

8. Bobby pins

Bobby pins are another essential for this kit because they keep your hair up and out of your face while you're partying! You want them to be easy access just incase something happens where you don't have time to do anything else before heading out.

9. Fashion Tape

This can be a lifesaver for the bachelorette crew. Fashion tape is a temporary adhesive used to temporarily hold clothes and fabric accessories in place. It can be used to keep a shirt tucked in, hold a dress strap in place, prevent clothing from riding up or slipping down, hold down low necklines, and cover exposed bra straps or cleavage. So many usages the bachelorettes will need!

10. Dry Shampoo

This is an absolute must have for your bachelorette oh shit kits. You'll feel like a million bucks after spraying this magical potion into your hair. It'll soak up any oiliness and make it look clean (even if it isn't). 

11. Advil or Tylenol

You know the bride or some bachelorettes are going to have one too many drinks. Everyone knows that hangovers are no joke, so be sure you and your girls are ready for the next day with some relief, especially if they didn't take any hydration packets. Chances are someone might need a few pills the next morning!

12. Makeup Remover Wipes

For when you want to take off all the makeup and start over again, or for when you just need to wipe up some tears. These will come in hand in the oh shit kit bachelorette!

13. Compact mirror

A favorite item to include in bachelorette oh shit kits! Especially if you're on the hunt for any random bathrooms with bad lighting or have on-the-go bachelorette activities planned and little time to prep.

14. Dental floss

You know all those times when you’re in public and you have that piece of food stuck between your teeth? This is a million times worse at a bachelorette party. Dental floss can save your bachelorette party the embarrassment of having those dinner means in your teeth throughout the night.

15. Sunscreen and/or Lip Balm

Be prepared with a small bottle and some lip balm. It's no secret that sunscreen is an essential beauty product—especially if your bachelorette weekend involves any sort of beach or pool time. There’s nothing worse than waking up with a lobster face the first day of your vacation, so be sure to take care of the bachelorette crew!

If you want more ideas, visit our write-up on the top 5 oh shit kits.

Best Bachelorette Oh Shit Kit

Best Bachelorette Oh Shit Kit
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