Best Organic L Glutamine Powder Used In Zaca

Best Organic L Glutamine Powder

The days of synthetic, chemical based "miracle" cures is waning - at least for those of us who think it's important to have natural, safe ingredients with proven track records. Zaca uses the best organic L glutamine powder to assure the cleanest and healthiest formula.

How Zaca Uses The Best Organic L Glutamine Powder?

We know that the term "natural" is thrown around a lot these days. But we think it's important to explain what it really means in terms being the best L glutamine supplement due to our ingredients and our organic L glutamine powder. Zaca uses not only uses the best organic L glutamine powder, we utilize a dipeptide form called L-alanyl-l-glutamine, which as superior results.

Our Zaca chewables use the best organic L glutamine powder to help you rehydrate, replenish and recover faster. Here's how Zaca uses the best organic L glutamine powder.

  • No Petrochemicals
    Most vitamins, and drugs, are sourced from petroleum byproducts, and concerns that remnants of those chemicals could be left in the vitamin or compound. Zaca's L glutamine powder has no petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients. It contains no harmful chemicals like petroleum distillates, which makes it the best L glutamine being the safest and cleanest to use.

  • Gmo Free
    GMO foods are foods that have had their DNA altered through genetic engineering to make them resistant to insects, viruses, and weeds. This process allows for the production of high yields of crops and animals for consumption, however many believe this can be harmful to human health in the long term.

    Being the best organic L glutamine powder means you need to not have GMOs. Zaca does not contain any genetically modified foods or ingredients.

    In order to ensure our products and organic L glutamine powder are GMO-free, we use only natural ingredients from trusted suppliers who abide by our commitment to sourcing from only pure and natural sources. Our suppliers also follow strict guidelines for growing, harvesting and processing all plants used in our products so that they meet our high standards for quality and purity.

  • Fermented, Not Synthetic
    Many consumers don't realize that most glutamine supplements are made using synthetic processes. Our product is different. When we say we use fermented, non-synthetic ingredients, we mean it. Our organic L glutamine powder specifically comes from a natural fermented process using enzyme technology.

    We're proud to be a leader in the clean ingredients movement and have been committed to using only the best, non-synthetic L glutamine and other ingredients since day one. We believe this is what sets us apart from other products and brands on the market that use synthetic materials.

  • Gluten Free
    The protein gluten irritates your stomach, causing inflammation and even damage to the lining of your digestive tract. This can cause bloating, constipation, diarrhea and a host of other uncomfortable symptoms. If you have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, it’s important to avoid gluten in your diet.

    Zaca's organic L glutamine powder and other ingredients are gluten free, as well as free of any other ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction.

  • No Artificial Preservatives, Fillers or Additives
    Many supplements and L glutamine powders use artificial preservatives, fillers or additives. Using the best organic L glutamine powder, Zaca does not add any artificial ingredients such as preservatives, fillers or additives.

  • No Animal Origins
    While the common sources of glutamine is animal protein, it's typically not used in L glutamine powder supplements. Zaca's organic L glutamine powder is not derived from any animal origins, nor are any other ingredients in our supplement.

  • Sugar Free
    Not just natural, but Zaca's organic L glutamine powder does not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners for flavoring. Instead it uses xylitol and stevia. Combined with naturally derived berry flavoring, our chewables are delicious to eat to get your does of L glutamine anytime! 

Zaca uses the best organic L glutamine powder so you can say goodbye to the harmful side effects caused by bad or synthetic ingredients. These chewables are made up of simple, pure and natural ingredients, which help you feel your best! Containing no gmo's, no gluten, no artificial preservatives or sweeteners, no soy, no dairy, no petrochemicals, no synthetics -- try Zaca's L glutamine loaded chewables today!


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