The Best Chinese Hangover Remedy Revealed

Chinese Hangover Remedy

We're going to reveal the best Chinese hangover remedy that's been used for hundreds of years. What is it? How does it work? What benefits does it have? What does research say about it? Here we'll give you an overview of this prized and effective Chinese hangover remedy.

Chinese Hangover Remedy

After trying many things in the name of research, we eventually discovered that the best Chinese hangover remedy is Hovenia Dulcis.¹ Hovenia Dulcis is a powerful herb that grows in the Himalayas, China and South Korea. It is also known in Asia for its many medicinal properties.

Hovenia dulcis has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 2,000 years for a variety of usages including as a liver tonic and alcohol detoxification. It is highly valued for its ability to relieve hangovers, prevent liver damage and clear heat from the body.

  • liver aid tonic¹
  • detoxification of alcohol¹
  • prevent liver damage¹
  • help hangovers¹
  • fight heat from alcohol¹

With all the convincing evidence from the scientific community and long standing traditional medicinal use, Hovenia Dulcis is the best Chinese hangover remedy available. In fact, while not well known in the West, this homeopathic remedy for hangover is very popular throughout Asia.

Hovenia Dulcis Lowered Hangover Symptoms

In a controlled clinical trial out of South Korea, Hovenia Duclis was shown to alleviate hangovers from alcohol.² The goal of the trial was to study the  anti-hangover effects of the Chinese hangover remedy Hovenia Duclis.

  • Lessened hangover symptoms.² 

Twenty six participants showed significant declines in hangover symptoms, and concluded that the results may likely be related to enhancing the body's response to inflammation from alcohol.² This study proves Hovenia Dulcis's effectiveness for hangovers and why it's one of the best hangover supplements.

Hovenia Dulcis's Flavonoid In Dr Oz Hangover Remedy

Dr Oz discussed the science of DHM (dihydromyricetin) on hangovers. DHM benefits are vast with regards to alcohol, and it is a flavonoid derived from Hovenia Dulcis.

  • Featured as one of Dr Oz's hangover remedies.

DHM has been shown to have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as acting as GABA brain improvements related to drinking alcohol. With DHM being a Dr Oz hangover remedy, it further validates that it works for hangovers.

Hovenia Dulcis Increased Alcohol-Eating Enzymes

DHM in Hovenia Dulcis was found to increase alcohol metabolizing enzymes and reduce acetaldehyde, a toxic byproduct of alcohol.³ Both alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), which are the body's alcohol-eating enzymes, were shown to increase in the liver.⁴

  • Increase alcohol processing enzymes in the body.⁴

If you wanted an alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme supplement, Hovenia Dulcis would be your answer. This Chinese hangover remedy will help your body process alcohol better.

Hovenia Dulcis Protects Against Liver Damage

After being used in China for liver damage and aliments for hundreds of years, just more recently did science prove its liver tonic remedies.⁵ In a Chinese study, taking Hovenia Duclis showed better antioxidant traits and higher glutathione levels.⁴

  • Improves liver function and protects alcohol-induced liver damage.⁴

Overall it was shown to protect the liver from damage via alcohol and lower liver injury markers.⁴ Hovenia Dulcis can be your liver's best friend and a top liver aid supplement.

How To Use Hovenia Dulcis?

You can use a Hovenia Dulcis supplement for things such as a hangover helper pill, a wine hangover cure, or vitamins to help hangover. The most common way how to use Hovenia Duclis as a Chinese hangover cure is to take it while drinking or before bed.

By taking it before bed, you're allowing this miraculous herb to help your liver and body overall fight off the negative effects of alcohol.

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