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February 06, 2013


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Zaca Night Out Photo Contest

westword With the new year comes a fun photo contest.  Up for grabs is a Zaca beanie and 12 recovery patches!  Bust out those cameras, let's see some fun, unique, crazy nights with Zaca.  This contest will be hash tag #zacanightout Contest goes two weeks, from 2/6/12 to 2/20/13 1) Follow us on Twitter @zacalife, Instagram @zacalife or Facebook @zacalife 2) Post a night out photo with Zaca featured 3) Tag us by using #zacanightout in the photo caption (if on Facebook, make sure to tag @zaca) 4) We will pick two winners and re-post their photo. 5) Winners will win a custom Zaca beanie and 12 Recovery Patches!

[divider] What You Win

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Exclusive Zaca Beanie

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12 Zaca Recovery Patches

December 11, 2012


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Energy drinks can kill you. True or False?

The media has been indulged on this debate ever since the FDA revealed that 5-hour Energy may be linked to 13 deaths, which have occurred in the past four years.  Some experts are attacking energy drink companies, while energy drink companies defend that they know of no link with deaths and their products.  So does caffeine really kill? A shocking number reveals that 80 to 90 percent of Americans drink caffeinated beverages every day.  With the boom of caffeine of Starbucks coffee, then of Red Bull energy, our culture has evolved to relying and functioning off caffeine. First off, why do we consume so much caffeine? Well just as some drugs do, caffeine is actually shown to help release dopamine.  Yes, the happy feelings. This leads to the reason why many think caffeine can be addictive.   Further, outside of the simple fact of increasing energy, it can sharpen critical thinking, improve alertness and heighten athletic stamina.  It makes you think how caffeine has got to be one of the greatest things to consume on a daily basis. Then you learn the downsides of consuming caffeine...
  • electrolyte imbalance
  • anxious feelings
  • being a diuretic, causes body to lose water and possible dehydration
  • agitate the heart into irregular heartbeats
But wait, that's not it.  You also have "withdrawal" symptoms.
  • instigate headaches
  • muscle cramping
  • fatigue
  • grumpiness
  • inability to focus
  • depression
  • anxiety
So caffeine may not be all blue sky's as it seems to be.  But is it enough to lead to death?  What most experts have pointed out is that it has to do with the quantity of caffeine consumed. One 5-Hour Energy shot may not kill you but what happens when you drink five?
And what about all the other caffeine packed drinks such as Red Bull, Monster and your daily coffee? All the other options are just as dangerous as 5-Hour, it's just that 5-Hour Energy is most likely singled out due to the amount of caffeine in such a small amount of liquid.  It's simple it's easier to drink more caffeine.  However, 5-Hour founder and CEO seems to be in some denial about the downsides of caffeine.  As he stated, the idea that the energy drink is to blame for killing anyone is like comparing “drinking a bottle of water today, and then thousands of people died the next day; that somehow it’s linked,” said 5-Hour Energy CEO Manoj Bhargava. “It’s just false.”  The link of water to energy drinks is not a very comparable analogy. By looking at the facts you'll quickly come to one conclusion, that if you drink caffeine (which most likely you do), simply stick to minimal amounts.

Prickly Pear Benefits

prickly-pear-cactus-fruits-big-bend-national-parkPrickly Pear which is also known as Cactus Pear or Opuntia has a number of health benefits. Prickly pear is found throughout the Americas. Prickly pear is noted for its antioxidant qualities and it is also rich in Vitamin C. It is a well known fact that Vitamin C is known for its ability to boost the body’s immune system. Many studies are underway to understand fully the health benefits of Opuntia or prickly pear. One of the important health benefits identified that in people that took prickly pear the Vitamin E levels have gone up indicating the antioxidant properties of the fruit. Reports and studies also indicate that prickly pear also helps in diabetics. Using prickly pear regularly in diet results in the drop of glucose levels in blood. By reducing the glucose levels in the blood the hunger level is reduced. So it is useful in dealing with overeating problems as well. Prickly pear has high fiber content and there are proofs that consuming food with high fibrous content will make people feel full for longer durations and the craving to eat reduces dramatically. All these factors point to possible benefits in the area of weight control as well. One of the greatest advantages with prickly pear is that it is 100% natural way to reduce glucose levels in blood and to fight overeating habits. It is much safer than consuming a lot of chemical based supplements to control overeating that can possibly harm the digestive system. In certain parts of the world including Mexico, prickly pear is used as a dietary supplement. Adding prickly pear to the regular diet it is possible to regularize the bowel movements resulting in healthy digestive system. Another important benefit is to be seen in the ability of the prickly pear in reducing the hangover effect. A specific type of opuntia namely Indian Fig Opuntia seems to reduce the production of inflammatory mediators which cause the uncomfortable feeling in alcohol hangovers. Other related symptoms including nausea, dry mouth is also reduced with the help of Indian Fig prickly pear. The tests on the effectiveness of prickly pear in fighting hangovers show very promising results. Prickly pear comes as good news to people that have pancreatitis problems. The fibrous fruit is used as colon cleansers giving relief to people that suffer pancreatic issues. As you can see there are many health benefits in prickly pear. Using prickly pear in your diet regularly you will be able to ward of many of the health complications discussed above. It is not necessary that one has to have any of the above health conditions to benefit from prickly pear. As there are no side effects in taking prickly pear people in all age groups can consume prickly pear without any fear. There are many further researches conducted on prickly pear and their role in lowering cholesterol, nerve deterioration etc. Researches also indicate that prickly pear can be used as a health supplement to enhance one’s general health. WebMD: Wikipedia:   Read More: Lycopene Benefits Milk Thistle Benefits  

Zaca Officially Launches Aspen

Aspen Colorado is widely known as the Rocky Mountain playground of the rich and famous.  It is consistently rated as one of the world's top ski areas by many publications.  The four ski resorts in the area are Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass.  Travelers are also drawn to Aspen because of its small-town charm and cultural scene.  You can meet anyone from art aficionados to outdoor enthousiasts to wine connoisseurs, hit Aspen's hot-spot restaurants, and attend high-profile events like the Food & Wine Classic and X Games.
As you can see from our most recent visit, the scenery is dense with golden aspen groves just as the town prepares for tourist season starting close to Thanksgiving.
Zaca's flagship store, Carl's Pharmacy out of Aspen, has been selling the Recovery Patches for years almost since the inception of our product.  They are the one-stop-shop for all the travelers and locals of Aspen, everything from perfume and hair dye to supplements and liquor.
We are now making Zaca available in many other places in Aspen and surrounding areas.
August 12, 2011


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Use Google's Transit Planner to Plan Your Night Out

Got an event coming up and don't want to drive?  Try out one of Google's newer tools, Google Transit.  It will give you times and directions for local city buses, trains, lightrails and subways. Click here to use Google Transit Great for: Non-profit events, happy hour, social events, going out, party, going to the bars, going out to eat, girls night out, concerts, birthday parties.

Zaca on front page of Denver Post!

Six months ago Penny Park from the Denver Post wrote about our Recovery Patches being a hot seller. Today, Zaca is on the front page of the Denver Post featured as the "daily deal!" The Denver Daily Deal that's featured on the front page:

Las Vegas International Beauty Show was a success!

From trendy feather extensions and bronze self tanners to the newest hair crimpers and hair stylists performing on stages at every corner of the show.  And yes, the Zaca Recovery Patch was among them all. The International Beauty Show is a major event to where the hottest trends in products and fashion are shown.  Zaca had a booth there, and it couldn't have been in a better place then of course...Las Vegas!! Stylist cutting Zaca in hair... Model at the entrance to the show... Zaca's booth showcasing Recovery Patches... Models on the catwalk... Sunless tanning model showing off the patch... The show brought a huge amount of attention to Zaca and is a breakthrough to the growth of our company!